OPOTEK was founded in 1993 by Eli Margalith, Ph.D., when he invented a novel design for an Optical Parametric Oscillator (“OPO”) in his garage laboratory. In 1994, OPOTEK released the MagicPRISM using this design, making it the first manufacturer in the United States to commercially release a broadband visible OPO. OPOTEK still sells the MagicPRISM, with design improvements based on the development of new technology.

In the years following the introduction of the MagicPRISM, OPOTEK has developed fully integrated tunable laser systems to take full advantage of the OPO technology that OPOTEK continues to pioneer.

In 1997, in response to growing demand for light and energy sources for photoacoustic applications, OPOTEK developed its first system for photoacoustics. Since then, OPOTEK has developed a series of proprietary laser systems tailored specifically to meet photoacoustic requirements. OPOTEK has provided lasers to leading researchers in this field for more than twenty years. In 2010, OPOTEK began development of the Phocus product line – a series of products specifically designed for photoacoustic applications.

Opolette circa 1998

In 2000, OPOTEK developed and released its most popular product — the compact and efficient Opolette. The Opolette is the only OPO laser system in the industry that is shipped worldwide, fully assembled, and does not require installation. The Opolette continues to have no competitive alternative. Over the decades since Dr. Margalith invented OPOTEK’s signature OPO technology, OPOTEK has been the leading manufacturer of OPO tunable laser products, ranging from standalone OPO modules to complete scientific instruments. Focused on revolutionizing OPO technology, OPOTEK has provided thousands of customers with user-friendly, tunable light source solutions with our patented designs and innovations.

In August 2017, OPOTEK was purchased by a diverse holding company and David Crozier took over as the President of OPOTEK. With new resources, OPOTEK looks forward to expanding and growing while continuing to provide reliable and versatile scientific instruments and exceptional customer service.

OPOTEK’s products are used by leading companies, national laboratories, and universities throughout the world, for applications that include spectroscopy, diagnostics, photoacoustics, hyperspectral imaging, and medical research. Based in Carlsbad, California, OPOTEK’s products are designed, manufactured, and distributed by dedicated employees and representatives worldwide.