The MagicPRISM is a compact, motorized optical parametric oscillator (OPO) module with a conversion efficiency as high as forty percent. The Ring-Cavity design is configured such that the pump and the OPO beams travel in the same direction. Two nonlinear crystals are positioned on a computer controlled, motorized rotation stage to acheive tuning. The pump beam is coupled into the Ring-Cavity and the signal/idler beams are coupled out of the ring cavity by a coated beam splitter. These design attributes produce highly stable and efficient output. The MagicPRISMTM OPO is offered as a stand-alone accessory to be pumped by the end-user’s laser.

Product Features

  • Stand-alone OPO module, compatible with most nanosecond Nd:YAG pump lasers
  • Computer controlled tuning via control software/software development kit (SDK)
  • Shipped with protective hard shell casing (PHSC)
  • Requires ALIGNMENT KIT (AK) or QSMART ADAPTER (QSA) for alignment/mounting
  • WARRANTY: One year on mechanical, electronics, and labor

Product Options

  • Protective Hard Shell Cases (PHSC)
    Includes two protective hard cases with custom foam padding.
  • IDLER Access (ID)
    Extends tuning range to include 740 – 1200 nm
    Decreases SIGNAL performance by 10%
  • Alignment Kit (AK)
    Stand-alone alignment kit for MagicPRISM pump beam.
    End-user alignable. Does not include turning mirrors.

Product Specifications

Tuning Range 690 – 950 nm
Peak Energy (Standard) 50 mJ @750 nm with pump energy of 140 mJ @ 532 nm
Repetition Rate n/a
Pulse Width n/a
Beam Diameter (standard) 6 mm
Divergence 10 mrad
Tuning Range 420 – 680 nm
Peak Energy (Standard) 30 mJ @ 450 nm with pump energy of 100 mJ @ 355 nm
Repetition Rate n/a
Pulse Width n/a
Beam Diameter (standard) 6 mm
Divergence 10 mrad

Additional Information

410 – 680 nm
690 – 950 nm

50 mJ @ 750 nm

Photoacoustic Imaging Lidar Spectroscopy

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